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The first ever, and first annual Northwest Filipino American Student Alliance event featuring the 13 organizations of the Alliance will be competing in Seattle, WA, on October 21st, 2006. In the spirit of friendship and unity, the Kuyas are holding the FILIPINOLYMPICS, a day filled with team building events, knowledge bowls, relays, and the like in order to create and build stronger bonds within the organizations of the Alliance, as well as among the Alliance itself. The event will allow a maximum of two teams per organization with eight (8) substituable players. Registration costs $80 per team.

Tupada & the Pagasa Scholarship:

Every year since 1996, we have held a 3-on-3 basketball tournament at the Pista Sa Nayon Filipino Festival in Seattle. The tournament, called Tupada, has been held concordantly with the festival and is used to raise funds for our Pagasa scholarship. "Pagasa", which means hope in Tagalog, is our efforts to help a rising college student or a current college student in need of financial aid. The eligibilities for our scholarship is that the student be either a rising or current college student of Asian and/or Pacific Islander decent, as well as an active member of his/her community.

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Dialogue Series:


In collaboration with various organizations such as the Asian and Pacific Islander Women and Family Safety Center, the Asian Counseling and Referral Services, Anakbayan 206, alpha Kappa Delta Phi, Isangmahal Arts Collective, Gabriela Network, the United Filipino Club at Seattle University, and the Filipino American Student Association at the University of Washington, we have developed a series of workshops and conferences known as the "Dialogue Series". So far, we have had three main conferences addressing Domestic Violence, Filipino American Heritage Month, and the Filipino American High School Youth. To coincide with our mission statement, we aim these conferences mainly towards high school youth, as well as college students and community members who are interested in learning more about issues dealing not only Filipinos but all Asian and Pacific Islander Americans. Everyone is welcome to attend our conferences, and we hope that what is learned and discussed can promote a better understanding of issues affecting our communities.


Domestic Violence


This has been the longest running Dialogue Series Conference for the Kuyas (since 2002). As our main campaign, we recognize that Domestic Violence affects the Asian and Pacific Islander American population in epidemic proportions. For three years now, in main conjunction with aKDPhi and the APIWFSC, and the ACRS, we have put on several conferences with a wide range of workshops entitled "DV-101", "Healthy Relationships", "Cultural Belief Systems/Roles", "Sexual Assault", and "Anti-Oppression". We have held these conferences at Seattle University, the University of Washington, and Washington State University, where themes have been "A Thin Line Between Love and Hate" (2002), "How Come...How Long?" (2003), "End the Silence, Stop the Violence!" (2004), and "Colors of Love" (2005), "Through These Eyes" (2006). Domestic Violence is a large problem for the APIA community for a multitude of reasons: cultural, linguistic, socioeconomic, and political, and through this conference, we hope to at least educate the community to recognize the signs of Domestic Violence, either in their friends/families' relationships or their own relationships, and to provide them with the resources to both prevent and end any further occurrences.
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Filipino American History Month - NIPA


In celebration for Filipino American History month, we have a conference addressing issues facing Filipinos at home and abroad. At this conference, much like all of our Dialogues, we provide an open and safe environment which can hopefully promote discussion between those well versed in the issues, and those whom may be exposed to them for their first time. At our first conference, we included three workshops: "The Occupation of the Philippines", "Trafficking of Filipinas", and "Art as a Tool for Activism", presented by Anakbayan 206, GabNet, and Isangmahal, respectively, and was aptly named "A Discussion from all Angles". The 2004 conference entitled "NIPA", involved workshops of the plight of Filipino WWII Veterans, and the history and evolution of the Filipino Flag. The 2005 NIPA Conference involved two new workshops: "Say I do" about mail order brides from the Philippines (GabNet), and "Hermanong" about Mexican and Filipino Farm Laborers and the importance of cross-cultural coalitions.



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Filipino American High School Education


As college students and alumnus from various colleges and universities, we recognize the dwindling number of Filipino Americans in higher education, due a lack of those gaining/aspiring for admission and also because the increase of those who drop out of college. This conference was designed to help high school students realize the need and their potential for higher education. By providing workshops that help these students understand that higher education is an option for them regardless of socio-economic factors, and to also understand their own identities placed in a world of media misconception. At our first conference entitled "Subay Bayan" (2004) which means to look after in Tagalog, we explored the topics of identity, the media, and getting into college. This event included workshops by Joseph Barrientos, and the UW Ambassadors, as well as being supported by UW FASA and UFC.





Kuya Kar Washes

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10 Year Anniversary Gala

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*Please note that this is only a small sample of what we have done in our history which spans over a decade. Also, watch out for updates detailing new and past projects.

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